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Is Evolution FX The Best Trader On ZuluTrade?

Is Evolution FX The Best Trader On ZuluTrade?

Evolution FX is a Copy-trading system, also known as social trading, mirror trading, and auto trading, that has been increasing in popularity for over a decade. Thanks to social media and increasingly faster internet, financial news and information can travel around the world in a matter of seconds.

The combined power of crowd-sourced sentiment and social copy trading platforms enables investors to generate trading signals and enter the market with new positions that other traders want to follow.

What Is Copy-trading?

Copy-trading is an evolution of the traditional online forex trading experience, and today’s traders demand more from their brokers. The success of any trader depends on many factors, but ultimately it comes down to making smart decisions based on sound analysis.

One of the key features of a successful trader is the ability to make informed trades based on the current market conditions. The best traders usually have access to a team of analysts who provide them with up-to-date market news and insights, but this can be expensive.

Fortunately, there are now trading platforms like ZuluTrade that enable every investor to benefit from the trading experience of other market participants.

ZuluTrade was founded in 2007 and is one of the pioneers of social trading. The platform offers a convenient way for traders to copy or follow other traders automatically. The platform connects a wide range of forex brokers with independent signal providers and enables traders to build portfolios based on their favourite strategies and systems.

ZuluTrade has a user-friendly interface in which you can find a variety of different traders. You can select these traders based on their performance and other parameters. Each trader is ranked by ZuluTrade according to their monthly performance, percentage of profitable months, historical drawdown, and other criteria.

ZuluTrade asserts that Evolution FX is one of its best-performing traders. But what really sets Evolution FX apart from other signal providers?

What Is Evolution FX?

Evolution FX is a copy-trading algorithm created by a team of professional traders who are passionate about Forex and stocks, with vast experience of over 13 years in the markets. 

The algorithm was first developed in early 2020 and has since undergone countless tests, modifications, and improvements to finally reach its current form. The most recent version of Evolution FX was launched on March 10, 2021, but its developers are constantly updating and improving the algorithm. Evolution FX has been trading stable and constant on the ZuluTrade platform ever since and never had a single negative month.

The strategy was designed for long-term investors who are looking for consistent returns with low drawdown. The strategy does not rely on any specific economic event or fundamental indicators; instead, it relies on an advanced mathematical model that analyzes the Forex market 24 hours a day to find profitable opportunities.

Evolution FX manages to provide consistent returns while minimizing risk by using conservative risk management and proper leverage control, which allows avoiding big drawdowns in times of market uncertainty (like we’ve seen during COVID-19 or the conflict between Russia and Ukraine).

What Is The Strategy Behind this incredible system?

To trade the FX markets, one must first have a strategy. The Evolution FX strategy is a counter-trend trading strategy that trades overbought/oversold conditions for a profit. When the market is overbought, it will open a sell order to take advantage of the situation, and when it is oversold it will open a buy order. If the trade goes against the initial position, the strategy opens another trade in the same direction, up to 12 positions per pair and 24 positions in total. The time frame for these trades can range from a few minutes to several months.

This type of trading requires good risk management, achieved by position sizing which is the most important part of this strategy. A higher level of risk can be taken on high probability setups, but it should be done only with a higher account balance.

For low-risk settings, you should use 0.01 lots for every $2000 USD in your account, for normal risk settings you should use 0.01 lots for every $1000 USD in your account.

What Is The Performance of Evolution FX?

Investing in the financial markets has never been more accessible and easy than it is today. With technology at our fingertips, we can now trade from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button, and the best part is that you do not need any prior experience or education to start trading successfully.

The hard part is finding a profitable strategy to follow. 

Evolution FX is a consistent performer on the ZuluTrade platform. Since March 2021, it has traded steadily and profitably, never having a single month of losses. It has hundreds of followers from around the world and is currently ranked as the number one performing strategy on ZuluTrade.

During its 12 months of live trading, Evolution FX had a very strong performance:

  • +178% ROI
  • +12,700 real pips profit
  • 93% win-rate, with 686 winning trades out of 736
  • +$48,000 total profit for its followers

Does Evolution FX Offer Transparency?

If you’ve been considering trading with Evolution FX, you may be wondering what makes Evolution FX different. The answer is simple: transparency.

Many forex signal providers will tell you that their algorithm has been developed based on years of experience and meticulous analysis. They’ll tell you their strategy is the best and the most successful one, but they won’t tell you more than that because it’s “confidential information”.

For the purpose of this article, we’ve asked Marian Stan, the CEO and the head trader at Evolution FX about the company’s policy on offering transparency to its investors:

“We believe the key to building long-term relationships with our clients is trust. That’s why we pride ourselves on being completely transparent in everything we do. We believe that everyone deserves to know what they’re investing in right down to the last detail – and that’s why we offer full transparency.”

All the information about their strategy and the algorithm behind it can be found on the official website Evolution-fx.com. The track record can be verified both on the Zulutrade platform, where it’s updated in real-time and on MyFxBook, where the track record is updated daily.

“No matter where you look, you’ll find a consistent performance track record that proves our credibility and shows exactly how we work. We offer full access to the information about the strategy and the algorithm behind our trading system.” – Marian Stan, CEO of Evolution FX.

JOIN Evolution FX Telegram Community

Be part of the Evolution FX‘s Telegram community where you can find daily updates regarding the project, technical analysis of the open trades, chat with hundreds of followers and many more.

The Team Behind Evolution FX

Evolution FX was founded by Marian Stan, who serves as CEO and Head Trader.  As a part of his expansion strategy, Marian has appointed Alex Muresan as Chief Marketing Officer, Bogdan Puscasu as Senior Editor, and Lucian Cociu as Community Manager. Each member of the team has been selected based on a proven track record and their extensive knowledge and experience in the Forex market, investments, and marketing.

Marian Stan, the founder, and CEO of Evolution FX has been a passionate trader for over 13 years. He has worked in the financial markets for just as long, gaining invaluable experience in asset classes like real estate, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Marian’s capacity for identifying the community’s most important concerns is a direct result of his passion for trading and desire to help others succeed.

Alex Muresan Chief Marketing Officer oversees the company’s online presence and educates the community about Forex trading. With several years of experience in marketing, Forex trading, and crypto investing, Alex is a technical analysis whiz who loves to study the charts and generate insightful content for novice traders. He manages the company’s social media presence, as well as its blog – a highly regarded educational resource for new traders.

Lucian Cociu is passionate about trading and investing, and has been so for several years. In his role as Community Manager, Lucian ensures that new joiners have a positive experience with Evolution FX, and that complex financial topic is translated into simpler language for a broader audience. He believes in constant personal development and sets goals to improve his skills and knowledge. 

Bogdan Puscasu Senior Editor is an experienced editor who knows how to make important financial information both accessible and exciting. His background in stock market investing and trading combined with his knowledge of the latest trading techniques makes him an excellent source of information for any trader, regardless of experience level.

Click HERE To Visit The Official EVOLUTION FX Website

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